How to make a student loan repayment in NZ

Find out how to make a student loan repayment to Inland Revenue (IRD) in New Zealand.

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Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Here's the real solution on how the student loan forgiveness program should work. Watch and listen.

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9 Requirements For Federal Student Loans Without a Cosigner

The best way to get a student loan without a cosigner is to apply for federal student aid.

You do not need a cosigner or a credit history to apply for a federal student loan, but must meet a few other requirements.

You must

demonstrate financial need for most programs;

be a United States citizen or eligible non citizen;

have a valid social security number;

be registered with Selective Service, if you are a...

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CBC - Nova Scotia Student Loan Interest Rate Reduction

Education Minister Karen Casey Announces a break for students repaying their loans.

Dalhousie graduate Matt Godwin talks about his loans.

ANSSA Chair Mike Tipping discusses the financial burden on students.

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Perkins Student Loan Basics

Recently, there has been an upward trend in the number of students who are going to school. While it is a good thing more and more people are given the opportunity to go to college, financial aid such as scholarships and grants are becoming harder to obtain, even though the Department of Education spends billions of dollars every year on financial aid. Federal loans are a good way to finance your education with low interest rates.

What are...

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Student debt rises were not okay then... And they're even worse now

The Conservatives CANNOT be allowed to retrospectively change the terms of the student loan agreements. It is a regressive change and even worse allows them to do it again in bigger ways.



Martin Lewis &...

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College students aren't just carrying massive text books around campus, they also have the burden of debt. National numbers show us student loan debt is now greater than credit card debt.

University of Utah senior Cody Myers puts it pretty simply. For him "it's just a way of getting through college."

It's a touchy situation, bury yourself in debt for a college degree. New numbers show it's a go to solution. Student loans have grown past other...

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Those absconding from paying student loan will be tracked down: NSFAS

Those absconding from paying student loan, will be tracked down.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme is tightening its grip on defaulting debtors. It's on a mission to recoup 14 and a half billion rand in unpaid student debt.

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