Obama's New Student Loan Program

This video is about Obama's New Student Loan Program. Student loans are some of the first financial decisions we are faced with as young adults. We are given massive amounts of debt with no consideration for your credit history or earning potential. What we can do is be smart consumers and understand what we are signing up for.

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How Did We Get Here: Growth of Federal Student Loans (Part 1)

A history of student loans in the US, as told by some of the most influential actors in the creation of the student loan program over the years.

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Online Loans system policy - history of student loans

Online Loans system policy

history of student loans

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Bad Credit Student Loan Without Cosigner

http://studentloanwithoutcosigner.org/bad-credit-student-loans-without-cosigner/ Do you have bad credit but need a student loan? If so you are not in as bad of shape as you may think. There are many federal student aid programs that specifically target people with all kinds of credit.

If you have bad credit and no cosigner than the easiest loans for you to get will be from the federal government. The stafford and perkins loans are given out based on the financial need and not the credit...

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20 20 News Release – Student Loan debt Exceeds Credit Card Debt in America

For the first time in AMERICAN HISTORY, Student Loan debt has now exceeded credit card debt.

What can you do about it?

Can you Afford to pay it off with your current job?

There are programs available to help you.

Recommended sites:




These are government programs that are available to anyone to obtain on your own for free. If you do not want to deal directly with the government and fill out a 37 page...

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9 Requirements For Federal Student Loans Without a Cosigner


The best way to get a student loan without a cosigner is to apply for federal student aid.

You do not need a cosigner or a credit history to apply for a federal student loan, but must meet a few other requirements.

You must

demonstrate financial need for most programs;

be a United States citizen or eligible non citizen;

have a valid social security number;

be registered with Selective Service, if you are a...

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Hare Discusses Student Loan Reform

Rep. Hare discusses the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, legislation that makes the single largest investment in student aid in our nations history and transforms the way current lending programs operate, all at a savings to taxpayers.

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