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Buying Las Vegas foreclosures? Watch this tutorial

What buyers must know if they want to buy Las Vegas Foreclosures?

Getting significant discounts through buying foreclosures in Las Vegas is a thing of the past due to the low number of foreclosure listings in the Las Vegas MLS which is less than 5.5% of total listings and different policies by banks on pricing their foreclosed home, condo or town-home for sale in the MLS.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which dominate foreclosure listings in the Greater Las Vegas MLS price their bank owned homes...

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Should I buy or rent a home, condo or town-home in Las Vegas?

The most important factor while making a decision to buy or rent a home or condo for sale in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas is how long you intend to keep your residence because for 2015 Las Vegas residential real estate prices will be flat at best.

We also discuss other factors such as affordability, impact of mortgage interest rates on buying power, availability of listings at or below market value and increasing rental rates.

We conclude by stating why 2015 may be the best...

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Is it better to rent or buy Las Vegas homes, condos by numbers

To answer is it better to rent or buy Las Vegas homes or condos? We found a $200,000 mortgage and picked the interest rate, Annual percentage Rate (APR) and insurance rate from Las Vegas mortgage sites.

We also assumed that the average home price appreciation rate in Las Vegas to be 3% per year for the next ten years and rental rate escalations of 4% per year.

The savings from buying a home in Las Vegas are about $20,400 after two years and $30,800 after 3 years.

Selling a home costs about...

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How to make winning offers on Las Vegas homes, condos, high rise

Winning offer on a Las Vegas home, condo or high rise condo isn’t always the highest offer. It is the best offer which is written based on current value of the property.

Current value of a home or condo is different from asking list price and is calculated using SOLD COMPS by the buyer’s Realtor (not listing Realtor while factoring in the direction of Las Vegas real estate market.

In order to negotiate for the best price, both the buyer and seller’s needs should be considered.


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