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http://www.northern-utah.realpropertymgt.com/ - Real Property Management Northern Utah is a full-service property management company providing best management services. Our high level of services come at an extremely reasonable price with no hidden fee.

579 Heritage Park Blvd. Suite 102

Layton, UT 84041

(801) 546-1770

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Property Manager Cedar Hills UT Utah County Prop Manager Cedar Hills UT Property Manager

Welcome to Spectrum Property Management, the company that puts your rental investment dollars back to work for you! We offer single and multi-family homes at the best locations and in the newer communities along the Wasatch Front. We offer some of the most competitive management fees in Utah! We service Orem (84057), Provo (84606), Salt Lake City (84101). If you live in or the surrounding metropolitan areas of Provo, Orem and Salt Lake, give us a call...

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Late Fees and Security Deposits | Advice for Property Management in Salt Lake City, UT


Many landlords looking for help with property management in Salt Lake City ask the same two questions. They want to know how much they can charge for late fees, and they want to know how much of a security deposit they should charge. We’re going to address those questions today.

Charging Late Fees

When you’re charging a tenant late fees because rent isn’t paid...

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