Big Cottonwood Canyon 20 minute drive from Salt Lake City, Utah, hiking, skiing, biking, Picnic - Call us today at (801) 973-1022.

In this video you will will learn about Big Cottonwood Canyon(google map it!). Great summer or winter fun are the ski lifts that can take you up skiing... or during the summer high up for a hike or bike ride. Plenty of hiking trails abound in this canyon, wildlife and scenery. Solitude Ski resort has a skating rink and Brighton Ski resort is THE MOST popular and cheapest place to go...

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Utah Ski Resort Locator app

This is a video that describes an app on the Google play store which let's you know where you are in relation to the other great mountains in Utah. There is a live Google map on each mountain description and the home page has the resorts listed from nearest to farthest from you.

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