How to use mortgage interest calculator

Whether you're thinking about buying a new home, getting a home equity loan or line of credit, or refinancing an existing Mortgage, our Interactive Mortgage Calculators will allow you to explore your Mortgage options to make the right home financing decision. You can easily use this mortgage calculator weather you existing member or not. Visit us (1-800-929-0625).

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Types of Home Loan Interest Rates

When you take a Home Loan, you can choose a fixed or floating rate of interest.

Under the fixed rate of interest, your loan liability is calculated at a fixed percentage and is incorporated into your monthly EMIs. If you have been lucky to bargain for a low interest rate, or if the market rates are stagnant, a fixed rate of interest allows you to have enough funds to source you EMI and pay off your loan.

A floating rate of interest on the other hand can be beneficial when there’s a heavy...

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Do I have to get an appraisal for a VA refinance

It depends on the type of refinance. For an Interest Rate Reduction Refinance loan (IRRRL), the VA’s streamline refinance option, no appraisal is required. However, for the cash-out refinance option, an appraisal is required. Why the difference? Because in a cash-out refinance, the amount of cash you are eligible to receive out of the loan is determined by the amount of equity you have in your home; calculating this relies on the current value of your home.

Equity is calculated by taking the...

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