Car Loan Scheme 2016

Pakistan's first Interest Free car financing based on the Islamic financing mode ... Meezan Bank' Car Ijarah is a car rental agreement, under which the Bank .... Pakistan's first truly / completely; Shariah-compliant Car Financing Scheme.

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From: asad hassan

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Bank loan||interest II credit cards II car loans II insurance|| in Islam.ബേങ്ക് പലിശയുടെ മതവിധി

The extra money which is credited in our account by banks is not the riba, which is strictly prohibited in Islam. The conditions of riba is not matches to the money credited in our account by the bank. So in emergency situation if any body is compelled to deposit in the bank and they gave extra money, it could not be called the riba, as told by a renowned scholar in Nadapuram, Mujeeb Vahabi(MD). If you are in dire need of a car loan, any vehicle loan , you can take it as futures. credit and...

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From: Najath Manzil

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Working in a bank, auto dealership, check cashing, retail store is prohibited in Islam

But everything in the West uses interest and usury. Major retail stores, credit card companies, clothing stores, universities use with student loans, auto dealerships, cell phone companies, furniture stores, almost everything.

So Moslems should not work at clothing stores, furniture stores, cell phone stores, universities and colleges, retail stores…they all use credit, interest and usury with credit cards and loans. If you want to buy a house, a car, a student loan, an appliance, a new tv,...

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From: GroundZeroMosque1

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