BC Home Partnership Loan: A How-To Guide by CF Homes

A step-by-step guide to applying for the new BC Home Owner Mortgage & Equity ("HOME") Partnership Loan, with help from some of the best realtors in the business, CF Homes Real Estate Team.

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From: Ajia Glover

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BC Home Owner Mortgage and Equity Partnership

BC Home Owner Mortgage and Equity Partnership.

Information about B.C. government's new five year interest free and payment free loan.

You can find out more at:



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Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders BC Canada

If you are a home owner in British Columbia Canada and have bad credit or possibly bad credit in your past you may still be able to qualify for a mortgage or refinance your current mortgage.

We provide mortgage financing options through banks, credit unions, trust companies, B-Lenders, private mortgage lenders and home equity mortgage lenders in BC specifically designed to help people with poor credit challenges.

There are many home loan options available to Canadians. Choosing a mortgage...

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From: Jeff Di Lorenzo The Mortgage Group

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New program partners with first-time homebuyers as they enter the housing market

Saving for a mortgage down payment can be hard for first-time homebuyers. The BC Home Owner Mortgage and Equity Partnership program contributes to the amount first-time homebuyers have already saved for their down payment, providing up to $37,500, or up to 5% of the purchase price, with a 25-year loan that is interest-free and payment-free for the first five years. Through the BC HOME Partnership program, the Province is investing about $703 million over the next three years to help an...

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BC Home Partnership Mortgage Program with Vancouver mortgage broker mark Fidgett

www.advancedequity.ca Christy Clark wants to loan you some cash. Richard Bell of Bell Alliance Law & Vancouver mortgage broker Mark Fidgett chat about the newly launched BC Home Owner mortgage partnership program. How does it work, who qualifies, who wins and who loses? #Vancouver #realestate #mortgage #financing https://youtu.be/H2iJC0Gs4pU

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From: MortgageMark Fidgett

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