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Car loans – for most people they are a necessary part of the vehicle purchase process. Very few people have the ready cash available to simply see a car they like and that suits their needs, and then pay for it in full.

For most of us, deciding on which car to buy is heavily influenced on whether we will be able to get financing for the purchase and be able to afford the monthly payments afterwards. Looking at cars is usually the interesting and fun part – applying for and getting the...

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Calculate Car Payment - Calculate Car Payments Formula - Calculate Car Payment With Credit Score

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Blacklisted Car Finance Johannesburg Bad Credit Finance For Cars Gauteng - Call or WhatsApp Carol 071 079 8140 for blacklisted car finance Johannesburg Gauteng. If you need a vehicle bad are struggling because of a bad credit rating or are listed with ITC we can help. Drive a car today without need finance. We have a 99.9% approval rating for currently employed individuals. Don't let a bad credit rating Johannesburg hold you back.

Do you need a car but have a bad credit rating? Call us now 071 079 8140 and get the car you...

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Need a Secured Loan | South Africa | Apply Today! SMS "LOAN" to 35688

Secured loans are those that are attached to a specific asset. The most common examples of this type of loan are those used to buy a house or car. At the time of taking out the loan the borrower signs a document giving the lender the right to take possession of the asset if the loan repayments are not paid on time every month.

Another example would be a businessman offering a lender his house (that is already paid for and debt free) as security against a loan taken out so that he can expand...

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No Finance Cars - South Africa

Why Rent To Buy?

Struggling to get bank finance? Don’t want to take out a huge loan for your car?

A Rent to Buy car could be your best choice. With No Finance Cars there’s no need to worry about car finance approval and your monthly payments are fixed for 54 months. Read more benefits for No Finance Cars on our website:

Apply for a No Finance Car today at:

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Apply for a Loan in South Africa - Cape Town | Gauteng | Durban - SMS "LOAN" to 35688

Sometimes in order to purchase valuable assets it is necessary to borrow money. While the ideal situation would be to never incur any kind of debt, the reality is that without making responsible use of credit most South African consumers would never be able to buy high value items like houses and cars.

When most people think about borrowing money to purchase assets the first thing that usually comes to mind is applying for a bank loan.

Contact Us Now to speak to one of our loan specialists....

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