Res Q Loans: Payday Loans, Instant Payday Loan South Africa

Res Q Loans is a premier online provider of cash advances. Our fast, convenient service has helped thousands of South Africans...

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R2000 Payday Loans No Credit Check - R1000 Loans

Welcome to R2000 Payday Loans

Are you discouraged about payday loans due to your bad credit? Our concern for the salaried South Africa people has been that their urgent cash needs should be met in the same day. At R2000 Payday Loans, we not only ensure instant money to the salaried class of people without credit check, but also specialize in arranging of affordable payday loans no credit check...

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Date: 2016-12-14 18:22:17

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Payday Loans South Africa - Friendly Finance

Friendly Finance makes it easy to compare payday loans South Africa from secure, reputable banks and lenders. Use our free, convenient service to quickly find a South Africa payday loan to tide you over until pay day. After identifying the right option, apply for your loan directly through our portal.

Search loans quickly

Finding the right payday loan South Africa is quick and easy with Friendly...

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Short Term Loans - Payday Loan - South Africa



You can apply from R500 up to R3 000, qualify and get paid the same day!


Short-term Loans

Date: June 6, 2012

Short-term loans -- payday lending

Face it, sometimes we all need a short-term loan to help us with our short-term financial needs,...

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Date: 2015-02-09 09:28:08

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Loans | Cash Payday Loans - Which Way To Pay South Africa

Compare numerous Vehicle Loans for the best deals and low interest rates.

Compare Loans Products

You might need a loan for a variety of reasons and there are many types of loans available on the South African market to suit your individual lending needs. Whether you need a fast payday loan , loans to help tackle any debt problems, loans for your car or education , we list a wide range of...

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Personal Loans SA - Online Loan Application


Welcome to Personal Loans and here you'll find a variety of information resources on loan companies like Wonga (, Loan Finder SA etc and here you'll find links on loans, short term loans and payday loans. When looking for a personal loan company it is important to note that you must always read the terms and conditions very carefully to be sure that you are able to pay...

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SA Payday Loans for South Africans - Personal Cash Loan 2016

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Loan Information

Interest Rate/APR: 8.5% - 31%. Depending on credit status Implications of non-payment: Full amount payable may become immediately payable Could lead to a bad credit record if reported Your loan could be cancelled with a chance of a judgement You will be responsible for the lawyers costs Financial implications: (whether fees...

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Wonder Loans- Apply Online Same Day Bad Credit Instant ...

Welcome to Wonder Loans

There are times when you find unplanned expenditures crop up in middle or end of the month. When you hard to pull of unexpected cash crunches, then we at Wonder Loans help you round the clock.

We offer array of matchless loan schemes that help you in difficult times. Wide range of trusted lenders associated with us offer cost effective loan deals for people needing...

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Date: 2014-06-10 06:36:55

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