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Applying for a refinance

The best way to determine whether debt consolidation is the right avenue for you is by calculating what your monthly debt payments total. Include all loans, lines of credit, credit cards and your mortgage. Take that amount and divide it by your gross total monthly income. If the number is higher than 0.50 then don't leave this site. If you are below 0.50 we can still help save you money.

In order to take advantage of this program, you must be a home owner and you must have at least 20% equity in your home.

Fill out our online refinance application and let us do the leg work for you. If you have any concerns or...

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How to finance a business. Business Loan, FICO score ...

Money makes your business go, and usually banks make loans only to businesses with operating histories. In this session we will give you some alternatives, strategies, and things to think about in your search for financial help. You will learn how to locate, negotiate for, and maintain sources of money to help you start and expand your business.

First Things First

How Much Money Do You Need?


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Mortgage Interest Tax Deductions You Can't Afford to Miss ...

Mortgage Interest Tax Deductions You Can't Afford to Miss

1 May 2013 by Ben

Mitchell Fox is a Tax Nerd and the Co-Founder of  GoodApril , a site that provides consumers with online tax planning and tax advice services and offers a free "Tax Checkup" to help you identify actions you can take to reduce your taxes. You can follow Mitch on Twitter at @mitchellwfox or @goodapril.

Your home loan is...

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How Do I Buy Homes at Tax Foreclosure Sales? - SF Gate

According to RealtyTrac, you can find a good bargain through a tax foreclosure sale if you are willing to put in the time to do the research. A tax foreclosure sale occurs when a government taxing body places a tax lien on a property for unpaid taxes. Investors in real estate frequently are attracted to tax lien foreclosures because of the potential for a high rate of return on the investment....

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How to Get a Second Mortgage with Bad Credit

Getting a second mortgage with bad credit can actually result in an improvement in your credit score. It is not easy to qualify for a second mortgage with bad credit, but it can be done. You first need to make your application as strong as possible by improving your credit score if you can. Second, shop for the best interest rate and terms you can get.

The Effect of Bad Credit

A second mortgage...

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Personal Loans - Bad Credit Loans from Banklady Credit ...

These are loans you can get up to $5,000 which are a great alternative to high interest payday loans. You still have no need to fax or deal with paperwork.

Get $500 to $5,000 by Tomorrow

Apply Online get answers in seconds

No Paperwork, lines, and less hassles

Convenient payment options

A short term loan is just clicks away


Personal loan options are many and varied as to terms and...

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Mortgage | Definition of Mortgage by Merriam-Webster

noun mort·gage \'mo r-gij\

Legal Definition of mortgage

1a :  a conveyance of title to property that is given to secure an obligation (as a debt) and that is defeated upon payment or performance according to stipulated terms shows that a deed was intended only as a mortgage -- W. M. McGovern, Jr. et al. b :  a lien against property that is granted to secure an obligation (as a debt) and that...

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