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Kit Homes Western Australia WA

Posted on September 13, 2011

The great thing about Western Australia is there are so many towns where kit home construction is just a good choice.

Whether living in a small town only an hour's drive from Perth, like Lancelin, or even a 4-6 hours drive like Albany or Esperance, Kit Homes can be delivered on-site, prefabricated so any owner builder can erect...

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Prefab homes and modular homes in Australia

Modular prefab homes in Australia, manufactured pre-built houses, modern prefabricated buildings

Find modern prefabricated buildings, manufactured pre-built houses and modular prefab homes in Australia

Prefabricated solutions required for greyfields development

Announcements by both Victorian and NSW governments that they would encourage the new housing development on the fringes of Melbourne and Sydney...

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Date: 2016-07-25 12:37:41

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Kit Homes Australia - Valley Kit Homes - Australia Wide

There are a lot of options when selecting a kit home supplier in Australia, you can choose kit home designs that meet different requirements regarding size and dimensions, dependent on your intended use for the home.

Cladding is a very popular option in most Australian kit homes and you can choose from a number of cladding manufacturers when you are putting together your ideal kit home.


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Kit Homes | Steel Kit Homes & Granny Flats NSW, QLD


A steel kit home looks like any normal house

The main difference being that all parts are packaged together in correct quantities, so when they arrive on site, the building process is made as quick, simple and affordable as possible. Kit style houses, also called kit homes or kitset homes, are light to handle and constructed with ease and can easily...

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