If You’re Buying a Foreclosure, You Need to Know This ...

Buying a foreclosure requires careful budgeting, the right real estate team, and the mental resolve to see the purchase through.

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Pros of Buying a Foreclosure

The primary reason to consider purchasing a foreclosure is the potential for a great deal. The foreclosing lender typically doesn't want to hold on to the home and may be willing to offer the property at a discount to get it off...

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Buying a Home in Foreclosure: What You Need to Know

You shouldn't feel guilty about buying a home that's been foreclosed -- you didn't make it happen and if you don't buy the home, someone else will.

Having said that, let's get back to the nuts and bolts of buying a foreclosed home.

Land Mines

"You have to know how to do a title search," says Velvel, "or you could end up thinking you've just bought a home by paying off a $100,000 mortgage only to...

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The Truth About Buying Real Estate in Las Vegas, Buy Home ...

Can You Handle The Truth About Buying Real Estate in Las Vegas Today?

Whether you're looking for a income producing investment rental property or a home to live in, even if you have bad credit, I invite you to learn the truth about buying real estate in Las Vegas. 

All Cash Share Purchases of Homes In May 2015 Drops To Lowest Level Since November 2009.  Distressed Sales Discount at New High of...

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Using Your VA Home Loans to Buy Foreclosed Homes ...

VA loans can be used to purchase foreclosed properties as long as the VA guidelines are met. Foreclosures are controlled by the servicer of the loan and are usually sold in two different ways. In most cases, a foreclosed property will first be offered through auction by the county sheriff to the highest bidder. If the home fails to sell to a third party at auction, then the home may be acquired by the lender and then made available through typical real estate listings like the local MLS.

If a VA-eligible borrower bids on a foreclosed property at a foreclosure sale auction, he or she...

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Home Inspections Before You Buy - FindLaw

Insist on a Home Inspection Before Buying Your House

You've found the home you want, at the right price, and the house looks like it's in pristine condition. But always keep in the mind that, particularly when the home is for sale by the owner, the home has been "dressed up" to accentuate its best features and minimize its potential flaws. Before you close on the purchase of a home - or sometimes...

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Bank Foreclosures Sale - Foreclosure Listings Updated Daily!

Bank Foreclosures - Investing in Foreclosure Homes

Bank Foreclosures Sale is a leading online foreclosure listings service that provides information and advice to real estate investors of all skill levels: from beginners to experienced veterans, and everyone in between. Our database contains over two million foreclosure homes, including bank foreclosures, government foreclosures like VA homes and...

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Risks and Benefits to Buyers - How Rent-to-own Homes Work ...

Risks and Benefits to Buyers

Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images

For many people, a home will be the biggest purchase they ever make. Both buyers and sellers should carefully weigh their options before agreeing to any binding contract. Let's look at some advantages and disadvantages for buyers:

Buyers have time to build income and repair their credit history as they rent the house.

Depending on the...

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Minnesota Foreclosure Bank Owned Homes - REMAX


Purchasing A Bank Owned Property In Minnesota

In today's Real Estate market we are seeing a lot more foreclosures and likewise there are more consumers looking for bank owned properties. With that said this brings an opportunity for those who want to profit from the large demand.  You will hear from them that they have information that you can not get anywhere else. Or that they have a secret...

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Buying a Short Sale Property - Freddie Mac

Buying a Short Sale Property

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a short sale?

A short sale occurs when a property is sold at a price lower than the amount the homeowner owes on the mortgage, and the homeowner's mortgage lender(s) agrees to the "short" payoff. A lender might accept a short sale with the property worth less than the balance of the mortgage, if the borrower cannot continue...

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