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Total Lending Concepts specializes in securing financing for first-time homebuyers.� Our retail branch office is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our past customers have said they appreciated the way we coached them through the maze of mortgage financing.� We know you have questions so we work hard to have answers for you.

Buying a home should be simple and stress-free.� If you...

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Website: http://www.curringtonmortgage.com

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Commercial Real Estate Loans

from $500,000 to $100,000,000

Caffrey & Company LLC is a full service commercial mortgage broker who will work for you to achieve your commercial real estate financing goals. We specialize in commercial mortgages from $1,000,000 and up for acquisition or refinancing of Multi-Family Apartment Buildings, Shopping Centers, Mixed-use, Office, Retail, Mobile Home Parks, Mini-Storage, Industrial, Hotels and Motels, and Specialty Properties. (Multi-family financing is available starting at $500,000.) Caffrey & Company prides itself on finding innovative solutions to maximize the return for...

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Website: http://www.caffreyloans.com

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» Training for Hard Money Brokers

LVHardMoney.com is the premier directory of approved direct hard money loan lenders in all 50 states. These private money lenders have all been screened and filtered to only show the highest quality providers. Some offer LTV's (loan-to-values) as high as 100% percent using two or more cross-collateralized properties. Nearly all of our lenders can provide you a loan not based on your credit or income documentation....

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Website: http://www.lvhardmoney.com

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