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Payday Loan misery is a serious issue. If you have payday loan debt caused by repeat, unaffordable borrowing, we can help.


Payday loans have increased in popularity in the last two to three years. During the recent financial crisis, many hardworking people have struggled to find ways to meet their day to day living expenditure and had difficulty obtaining more conventional forms of credit. Payday loans have commonly been advertised as an easy and quick way to raise some money to solve a short-term problem. However, things aren't always...

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Bad Credit Loans - View Loans for People with Bad Credit ...


Bad Credit Loans

Landing in money difficulties is a situation that many New Zealanders are familiar with. But what happens if you are desperate and no bank will accept your loan application? A bad credit loan could come to the rescue. Offered by independent lenders, bad credit loans are useful for emergency cash needs. Many bad credit loans are offered online so you can apply...

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Bad Credit Mortgage Refinancing with Low Scores and Late ...

Bad Credit Mortgage Loan?

The companies you speak with will evaluate your LTV, DTI and then will be much closer to determining the interest rate you qualify for. You will be able to review the disclosures which will help you when shopping lenders and various loan products online.

Shop for Competitive Interest Rates

Choose from Fixed and Hybrid ARM Rates

Fix Variable Rates and Refinance with Bad...

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Date: 2016-12-21 23:33:53
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Refinance Mortgage & Consolidate Debt | eLEND


Consolidating debt can have several financial benefits:

Lower Interest Rate - If you have equity in your home, tapping into it with a cash-out refinance may enable you to pay off high-interest loans and credit accounts, and refinancing may leave you with a lower interest rate with your refinanced mortgage terms.

Lower Monthly Payment - With a lower rate, your monthly savings might be significant when compared to repaying each loan individually over time.


Qualifying for a Debt Consolidation Refinance

In order to qualify for a debt consolidation loan that will enable you to pay off...

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