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What is bad a credit score?

Before a mortgage lender agrees to forward any funds to a potential borrower, they will want to look at the credit history of the borrower, to assure that the lent money is safe and will be repaid on time, as agreed upon.

The term "bad credit"

gets tagged on to an individual when that individual fails to meet his or her payment obligations (i.e. defaults) on...

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What is a Second Mortgage and how do I get a Second Mortgage?

A second mortgage is a loan that is secured by a house or property. A second mortgage falls behind a first mortgage in terms of debt priority. Getting a second mortgage is fairly easy if you have enough equity in your house. Call us or fill out our application to quickly find out if you can get a second mortgage.

How Our First & Second...

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If you are looking for a mortgage in Ontario it has never been a better time to get financing. Canadian mortgage rates are at a historic low and the housing market has proven over the last few years how resilient our market is. I am confident that with Ontario's transit...

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