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Guide to Buying Property in Japan - PLAZA HOMES

Understanding Japanese Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions and Regulatory Laws

The laws concerning property and real estate transactions are well developed in Japan, and there are many rules and regulations to prevent trouble. Because real estate is an expensive commodity, it is required by law to carefully check the property status, relationship of rights, and various legal regulations to insure a safe business...

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Living in Tokyo: Guide for Expats | PLAZA HOMES


Find Your Tokyo Luxury Residence with PLAZA HOMES

PLAZA HOMES specializes in luxury apartments, homes and commercial leases located in Tokyo's many prime locations. Our wide selection of properties and highly knowledgeable, bilingual concierge consultants cater to local and overseas expatriates alike.

Our services don't merely begin and end at the rental stage. We also assist with expatriate relocation services, helping families new to Tokyo relocate safely and become...

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