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Small Business Loans | Fast and Easy Funding | RapidAdvance

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Check out this 78-second video to get the low-down on all of your burning small business loan questions:  


Types of Small Business Loans

When you're browsing for small business loans, here are some of the types you'll likely run into:

Working-capital loans give small businesses the ability to keep operations going while they increase their revenue...

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SBA Bridge Loan Program | RapidAdvance

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RapidAdvance SBA Bridge Loan Program

For numerous small and medium-sized businesses in need of capital, an SBA or traditional bank loan can be a wonderful solution.  ­Unfortunately, many business owners often face obstacles throughout the financing process that may require immediate financial support, including:  

Limited cash flow

Extremely slow and cumbersome loan processing

Costly requirements

If you are in need of instant capital, the RapidAdvance SBA Bridge Loan Program can be the smart and simple solution.  A short-term infusion of capital will allow...

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Fast and Flexible Small Business Financing | RapidAdvance

Fast and easy small business loans

It's not just business financing

At RapidAdvance, we offer opportunity. We provided over $1 billion in financing to small businesses nationwide, helping them grow and positively impact the communities they serve.

We support all great businesses

Our funding solutions benefit small businesses in all types of industries. To date, we've funded over 38,000 businesses around the country.

We are different - and...

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