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For Many Home Equity Loans, Payment ... - The New York Times

How banks value these loans has become a hot topic among investors and regulators. This is to be expected, given that so many home equity lines are no longer collateralized by boom-era home values. Last January, for example, financial regulators issued supervisory guidance on how banks should adjust allowances for losses on these loans. And in the first quarter, Wells Fargo said it moved $1.7...

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Baby Boomers’ Second Act - New York Times

Spokane, Wash.

Ashland, Ore.

The cost of living in these places varies widely, especially when it comes to home prices. Sperling's Best Places ( ) is a free site that allows you to compare data, especially real estate prices, for virtually all cities and towns in the country. Another helpful site is the Retirement Living Information Center ( ), which...

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Choosing Between Mortgage Broker and Bank - The New York Times

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Why a Broker?

A mortgage broker is basically a middleman. Brokers work with a variety of lenders to find loans for clients, but do not lend out money directly. That's the role of a mortgage lender, the entity that supplies the funds going to the closing table. The lender could be a mortgage bank, which specializes in mortgages; it could be a large commercial bank,...

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Mortgages - Shopping for Loans Online - The New York Times

Credit The New York Times

SHOPPING for a mortgage online can save borrowers a lot of time, and possibly money if they find the right deal. But working with these so-called online marketplaces can also be overwhelming for some people, especially as the various lender offers start pouring in.

Peter Carroll, the acting assistant director for mortgage markets at the newly formed Consumer Financial...

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The Kushner Companies’ Deal for 666 Fifth Avenue Avoids ...

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Last year, the partners in the retail space sold one piece of it to the retailer Zara for $324 million, or $8,300 a square foot. Some of those proceeds were used to pay down a separate mortgage they had obtained for the retail condo.


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But while the value of the retail space was soaring, the office tower was losing tenants because of its...

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