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Student Loan Rehabilitation to Get Out of Default |

If you are in default on federal student loans you can get out of default by consolidating your loans or rehabilitating your loan with good faith payments.

If you are in default on federal student loans, there are two principal ways to get out of default:

consolidate your loans into a new loan, or

rehabilitate your loan with good faith payments.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages....

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Deducting Business-Related Interest Loan Payments |

Interest you pay on business loans is usually a currently deductible business expense . It makes no difference whether you pay the interest on a bank loan, personal loan, credit card, line of credit, car loan, or real estate mortgage. Nor does it matter whether the collateral you used to get the loan was business or personal property. If you use the money for business, the interest you pay...

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Common Mortgage Servicer Violations in Loan Modifications ...

Mortgage servicers handle loan modification applications from homeowners. Unfortunately, mortgage servicers often make serious errors when processing loan modification requests. This can cause a number of problems for a homeowner, such as missing out on getting a modification or even a wrongful foreclosure.

Read on to learn about the most common mortgage servicer violations when it comes to loan...

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Tax Deductions for Student Loans |

Tax Deductions for Student Loans

With some limitations, you can deduct student loan interest on your federal tax return.

If you meet certain requirements, on your tax return you can deduct some or all of the interest you pay on your qualified student loans. How much you can deduct will depend on:

the amount of qualified student loan interest you pay, and

your income.

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Should I Consolidate Credit Card Debt? |

If you are struggling to pay off multiple credit cards, consolidating your debt may allow you to reduce your interest rates and lower your monthly payment. However, a lower monthly payment can mean a longer repayment term and more interest paid over the life of the loan. Whether you should consolidate your credit card debt depends on your individual circumstances and the terms of the...

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Avoiding Foreclosure: Basic Workout Options From Your ...

If you aren't eligible to benefit from the federal government's Making Home Affordable program, you still may be able to work something out with your mortgage servicer.

Repayment Plan: Keeping Current and Catching Up

With a repayment plan, you arrange to make up missed payments over time and stay current on your ongoing payments. This approach is usually the most feasible and easiest to negotiate...

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What's the difference between a loan modification ...

Loan modifications, forbearance plans, and repayment plans can help you avoid foreclosure if you are struggling with your mortgage. Learn more.

Loan modifications, forbearance agreements, and repayment plans are different ways that borrowers can avoid foreclosure. Read on to learn the difference between these options and how they can help you if you are having trouble making your mortgage...

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Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy |

Most debtors will not be able to discharge (wipe out) student loan debt in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy . However, if you can prove that repaying your student loans would cause an undue hardship to you, you can get rid of your student loans in bankruptcy.

The Undue Hardship Exception

In order to have your student loans wiped out in bankruptcy, you must demonstrate that it would be an undue...

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Business Equipment: Buying vs. Leasing |

Should your business lease or buy equipment? The answer depends on your situation. Leasing equipment can be a good option for business owners who have limited capital or who need equipment that must be upgraded every few years, while purchasing equipment can be a better option for established businesses or for equipment that has a long usable life.

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