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5 Tips to Improve CIBIL Score - Nitin Bhatia

Hi Nithin,

Your article's are extremely educative and helpful, firstly i would like to appreciate your work :-).

Here is my query - I heard from a friend that cibil report can be cleared (sweeping the record) by following proper channels (I don't want to mention names.... ) by paying a small amount as a fee ( better say commission). Is this really possible ? even if it is, is there any chance of...

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Date: 2017-02-28 09:17:10

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Floating Home Loan - BPLR or RPLR Vs Base Rate

Pls check with any cooperative bank or First Blue Home Finance / Tata Housing Finance. 


First , I need to thank you for a great insightful blog .

Please clear my doubt on current loan .

I took a loan from HDFC for 10 Lakhs under ' Loan against property ' at 13 % fixed.  My EMI comes around 13,000/month.  HDFC has an another option to convert fixed rate to Base Rate Linked interest...

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Date: 2017-02-28 07:54:20

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EMI Calculator or Amortization Schedule Calculator for Loans

Sure, will update and upload the revised EMI calculator.



i have aaplied for home loan at SBI.

i have mentioned tenure for 30 years as SBi gives felxibility up to 30 amount is 30 lakhs.

is it a right decision or i should go for 20 year tenure.

plz help

With tenure of 30 years your interest outflow will be more compared to 20 year Home Loan. Keep the Home Loan period as low...

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5 Tips to Prepay Home Loan Faster - Nitin Bhatia

For any Home Loan Borrower, to prepay Home Loan is topmost priority. As i discussed in my earlier posts that Home Loan interest increase the overall cost of property. Some of my readers mentioned that they are availing tax deduction but they ignored the fact that they lost HRA ( House Rent Allowance ) component. At macro level, if your property is appreciating at 10% and at the same time you are...

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Home Loan Tax Benefit Deductions - Nitin Bhatia

1. As you are paying 100% EMI therefore you can claim complete tax benefits. You can claim loss from let out property and can claim entire interest component of 6.48 lacs for calculation

2. As property is jointly owned therefore it is advisable to mention both names in rental agreement.

3. In this case your name is sufficient.


Hi Nitin,

I have applied for joint-loan with my husband last...

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Date: 2017-02-28 07:12:50

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7 Facts You Should Know About Land Loan - Nitin Bhatia

7 Facts You Should Know About Land Loan

7 Facts You Should Know About Land Loan

Land Loan

Land Loan or Plot Loan (used interchangeably) is one of the most confusing subject for borrowers in Loan / Mortgage segment. Confusion is normally between Home Loan, Land Loan and Composite Loan. All three are different products with different features, benefits, Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately all...

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Date: 2017-02-28 09:39:33

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10 Things You Must Do Immediately After Buying a House

I will not suggest


my builder constructed unapproved flat in ground floor , which has to be car parking as per approved plan . but at the same time builder has got signed from me in Indemnity Bond in 100rs stamp paper which i'm not aware of it "as mentioned i agree that builder had biuld no.1 dewelling in ground floor. " but around 6-7 people plan to go for consumer court for demolishing...

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Date: 2017-02-28 14:16:31

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Home Loan, Property, Personal Finance & Stock Market ...

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy The Home Insurance Cover

A Home is believed to be one single biggest asset for any middle-class family during a lifetime. The emotional value and memories attached to it are 'Priceless'. As I keep highlighting in my posts that Home Insurance is one of the must have insurance covers. In layman terms, home insurance hedges the risk of any loss or damage to the...

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Date: 2017-02-28 08:19:25

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