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Cash Finance - bad credit cash

How We Can Help

Employee in need of a personal loan

"Janice had been working fulltime and received a stable income. However, as her car registration renewal was due, she was struggling to save enough money to pay for it. Janice found My Cash Finance through her best friend, and after completing a short personal application, Janice got her loan. At My Cash Finance we can help people in need of urgent money."

Business Lending

"David had been in search of a fast business loan. However, he was knocked back by all the lenders he approached as a result of his bad credit rating. Fortunately, David found...

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Bad Credit Loans, Bad Credit Personal Loans, Bad Credit ...

At My Cash Finance, we believe in second chances

We enjoy helping people with bad credit, as we believe everyone deserves a second chance. Based on your financial circumstances today, your loan may still be approved even if you have previously been in the following scenarios:

Multiple Defaults


However, as responsible lenders we cannot guarantee approval for bad credit loans....

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