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New York / Manhattan luxury portfolio - Luxury Homes for Sale

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Manhattan Luxury Homes and Manhattan Luxury Real Estate

There are 121 luxury properties in Manhattan Read More... Andy Warhol would have drawn it at 14th street, and Edith Wharton at Washington Square, but both New Yorkers would have agreed on one thing: the significance of the line between...

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Luxury Homes for Sale | Luxury Real Estate | Luxury Portfolio

US $ 250,000

Call for annual and seasonal rates. Listed rate is for High Season (Nov.-April).

La Capanna represents one of the most significant beachfront residences ever created in Naples. Old world Italian renaissance era ambiance takes inspiration from an ideal beachfront location giving it the feel of a...

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Texas Luxury Homes and Texas Luxury Real Estate | Property ...

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Texas Luxury Homes and Texas Luxury Real Estate

There are 1327 luxury properties in Texas Read More... Texas is the second largest state by area in the United States (after only Alaska), and it's a good thing because they need the room- two million people have moved to the...

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