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Federal Stafford Loans - International Student Loan

Loan Details | Apply Online | FAQ

Stafford loans are fixed-rate loans for undergraduate and graduate students attending college at least half time. Provided under a federal government program, Stafford loans provide an excellent educational funding resource for US citizens and permanent residents. Because the program is controlled by the US federal government, interest rates can be...

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Application Form | International Student Loan

Find a Loan in 3 Easy Steps

Enter your information and click 'Find My Student Loan.'

Review and compare a complete list of student loans.

Choose an international student loan and apply online.

Once you've completed your international student loan application, you will get initial approval within weeks. Our international student...

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Canadian Student Loan Program | CanHELP Student Loan

Canadian Student Loan Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a student loan, students must be pursuing a degree, certificate, or license at an eligible school outside their home, whether that's in the United States or in Canada. Non-US citizens are...

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International Student Loans | Student Loans for ...

International Student Loans

All loans are not created equal so we developed an easy to use comparison tool to help users find the loan that works best for their situation. After you input your citizenship and school, the widget return a list of lenders that will work for you. Compare the different terms and conditions, choose the loan that works best for you, and apply online.

Cosigner Required for All Applicants

Because international students do not built up a credit history in the US, lenders require international students to have a US cosigner. A cosigner is a person who can legally sign loan papers or...

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International Student Loan

By: Lette Berhe November 1, 2016

Responsible Student Borrowing

International student loans provide a convenient way for students to borrow money and fund their education. Students - and their cosigners - will be expected to pay back the total amount of money borrowed plus an additional cost (determined by your interest rate). You and your cosigner should be aware of the terms and...

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International Student Loan Resources

Funding Your Education in the USA Infographic

We all know that funding your education abroad is probably one of the hardest challenges for an international student. With tuition fees on the rise globally, it is important to make wise decisions by determining how much money your education will cost and how you plan to afford these expenses. While many international students rely on their...

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