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iHELP Student Loans

iHELP Consolidation Loan

What types of loans are eligible for consolidation?

Both federal and private student loans are eligible for consolidation.

Did your parent/guardian take out a Federal Parent PLUS Loan(s) to assist you with your college financing?

You can consolidate their Federal Parent PLUS loan(s) into your consolidation loan. If you choose to do this...

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FAQ iHELP Consolidation Loan - iHELP Student Loans

Credit worthy means the applicant:

Has not had open collections or charge offs in the past 2 years.

Does not have bankruptcies, foreclosures or repossessions during the past 5 years.

Has not defaulted on a federal or private student loan.

Meets the minimum credit score.

Has at least 2 years of credit history.

The borrower or cosigner must have an annual income of $24,000 or greater for the past 2...

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iHELP Student Loans - iHELP is a simple way to get student ...

iHELP is a simple way to get student loans for college

iHELP offers two private loan programs brought to you by a network of community banks. The iHELP student loan provides students and their families a way to cover the gap between the cost of education and other financial resources such as scholarships, grants and...

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iHELP Private Student Loan Consolidation

Thanks for choosing iHELP Student Loan Consolidation.

The time has never been better to consolidate your Private Student Loans to save money and simplify your life.

Through iHELP's Private Student Loan Consolidation program you can:

Reduce multiple private loans into one single monthly payment to simplify your payments & help budgeting.

Apply to release your cosigner after 24 consecutive months of on time payments. Additional...

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