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Mortgage Loan | Reverse Mortgage Loan - IDBI Bank

We have developed the Product Reverse Mortgage Loan with an objective of supplementing present income/Pension income in the form of regular stream of payments to cover genuine expenses of Senior Citizens.

Salient Features of Reverse Mortgage Loan

Loan Purpose:

Finance to Senior Citizen on regular basis for the purpose of,

o Upgradation, renovation and extension of residential property.

o For uses...

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Education loan in India | IDBI Bank Education loans

Education Loan

Education loans from IDBI Bank aims at providing financial support to deserving / meritorious students for pursuing higher education in India and abroad. With an array of services to choose from and easy repayment options, IDBI...

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Interest Rates| IDBI Bank Interest Rates

Education Loan to Physically Challenged Persons under NHFDC Guidelines (refinance scheme)

4% p.a. (Fixed) for boy students

3.5% p.a. (Fixed) for girl students

(subject to conditions)

Primary Auto Loan for All Loan Amounts


Combo Auto Loan for All Loan Amounts

(Available only if sanction tenor is > 3 years)


The RoI shall be fixed for the tenor of the loan.


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Commercial Property Loan | IDBI Bank Commercial Property ...

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IDBI Bank Commercial Property Purchase

We have developed the product Loan for Commercial Property Purchase with an objective of facilitating the purchase of readily built/ re-sold building units for commercial purpose.


Purchase of resale, ready built and under construction commercial property.

Loan Amount:

Up to Rs 5 Cr, Loan above Rs.5cr can be provided depending upon individual cases.

Maximum Funding:

Up to 55% of the market value or 65% of the registered value inclusive of stamp duty & registration charges (whichever is...

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Personal Loans in India | IDBI Bank Personal Loan

Personal Loan

To meet unexpected financial exigencies or come out of high priced Credit Cards funds, you can avail IDBI Bank's Personal Loan. Be it a marriage in family, renovation of house, meeting urgent educational / hospitalization expenses or travel abroad At times, personal Loan comes handy while arranging for Earnest Money to apply for a Plot / House, or to manage Margin...

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