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New 'Rent to Buy' scheme to help young people save and ...

New 'Rent to Buy' scheme to help young people save and move up housing ladder


26 September 2014, see all updates

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has launched a new £400 million programme to boost building of new rental homes.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles launched a new £400 million...

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Park (mobile) homes - GOV.UK

4. Selling or giving away a park home


The park owner gets up to 10% of the selling price (known as a 'commission') when you sell your home.

You'll need to:

give the buyer certain information - eg about the commission and pitch fees

tell the park owner about the sale

assign (transfer) the pitch agreement to the new owner

tell the buyer to fill in a 'Notice of Assignment form' so they can pay the commission to the park...

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Park (mobile) homes - GOV.UK

2. Renting a park home

You have a rent contract if you pay rent to a landlord. It doesn't have to be in writing.

If you don't have a written contract

You should be able to stay for a year from the date you moved in even if you don't have anything in writing.

If you have a written contract

A written contract should say how long you can live in your home.

During this time your landlord can still...

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Government to cap payday loan costs - News stories - GOV.UK

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced that the government will legislate to introduce a cap on the cost of payday loans.

The cap will be formally established through amendments to the Banking Reform Bill which is currently going through Parliament.

The announcement builds on the steps that the government has already taken to help consumers. It has created a new regulator, the Financial...

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Park (mobile) homes - GOV.UK

7. Settling disputes

1. Your rights and obligations

Your rights and obligations are listed in a written agreement with the park (or site) owner. This sets out:

your minimum legal rights and obligations, like your right to keep your park home on its pitch

the rules, charges and services

You have 28 days to review it before signing.

You still have rights and obligations as a park home resident even if you...

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Director's loans - GOV.UK

3. If you lend your company money

1. Overview

A director's loan is when you (or other close family members) get money from your company that isn't:

a salary, dividend or expense repayment

money you've previously paid into or loaned the company

Records you must keep

You must...

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Condition Improvement Fund - GOV.UK

The department announced the outcome of the 2016 to 2017 CIF bidding round on 24 March 2016.

Who can apply to CIF

Single academy trusts, small multi-academy trusts (MATs) and sixth-form colleges can apply for CIF . To be eligible to apply, you must:

be an open academy or sixth-form college as at 1 September 2016

be a school with a signed academy order as at 1 September 2016 (if successful, you...

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