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Home Loan Prepayment Calculator Guide -

[e.g. If pre-payment will start from 8th month then enter 8]

Pre-payment Frequency

We present to you a highly flexible prepayment calculator worksheet. This worksheet offers provision to make prepayments in any month during the whole tenure of the loan. This way one can plan to near perfection ones loan prepayment schedule. There are several loan prepayment calculators available on internet, but...

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How to Transfer Home Loan to SBI -

What formalities to be done in Axis Bank to Transfer Home Loan to SBI?

Soon after getting details from State Bank of India, Raj visited Axis Bank. He informed them that he wants to transfer his home loan from Axis Bank to SBI. He asked what is the procedure? Axis Bank told Raj that it is SBI that will dictate the procedure in this regard. Raj confirmed that SBI needs a letter from Axis Bank...

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Not able to pay back loan? What can be Done ...

If we are not able to pay back loan, What can be done? Will it result in dooms day striking our peaceful life? Will the defaulter go to jail straight away? Else we will have hooliganism displayed at our front doors by Banks? Perhaps defaulting loan payment is one of the biggest fear for a common man. These days middle class is earning handsomely.

With increase in purchasing power of middle class...

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