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Commercial Mortgage Rates | Commercial Loan Rates


Commercial Mortgage Rates

 The commercial loan rates below are for loan amounts between $400,000 and $8,000,000, on virtually all property types.  Amortization schedules range from 15 - 25 years.  The two charts are broken down by building types, general purpose properties, semi generic and special purpose properties.

General Purpose Property Loans Interest Rates

Fixed Period

15, 20,...

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commercial loan calculator - Commercial Mortgage Calculators

Scroll below to use our commercial mortgage calculators.

The commercial loan calculator below can help you analyze your loan.  Know exactly what your monthly payment will be, how changes in amortization schedules effect cash flow, how slight changes in interest rates can make dramatic increases or decreases in payments, etc.  Examples of uses include the ability to calculate new monthly payments, see if you'll benefit by refinancing, and calculate how much savings you will have by prepaying your...

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Commercial Mortgage - Commercial Real Estate Loans

Understanding The Commercial Mortgage Closing Process

Now Is The Time To Buy CRE!

Here are 3 reasons why we believe NOW is the best time since the Savings and Loan Crisis, in the late 80's, to purchase commercial real estate for your small business. 1.       Commercial property...

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