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Current Mortgage Rates | 15 & 30 Year Mortgages Interest ...

When you're buying a home, mortgage interest rates should be a factor in your decision. They affect the affordability of your loan when it comes to your monthly payments as well as the overall cost. It only makes sense that with the latest rate information, you can make a timely choice--and save money.

As you compare mortgage rates, make sure to consider all your options. Based on your situation,...

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Home Equity Line of Credit | Lending | BB&T Bank

Home Equity Line of Credit within 36 months from the date of loan origination, you may be required to remit any closing costs BB&T paid on your behalf. There is a $50 annual fee in AL, FL, GA, IN, KY, NJ and OH. Property insurance, and flood insurance where applicable, may be required.

The advertised rate will vary if the client chooses for BB&T to pay their closing costs which is an option in...

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BB&T Small Business Equipment Loan | Lending | BB&T Bank

A Business Equipment Loan can be used to:

purchase or refinance new or used equipment and...

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