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VM Lending Solutions

In keeping with our philosophy of Mutuality, VMBS is committed to providing you, our valued members with access to financing solutions geared to meeting your short, medium and long term goals. Let us help you manifest your dream, with a VM Personal Loan or Mortgage Today! Be it home ownership, home improvement, asset acquisition, giving your child a quality education and/or dealing with emergency medical expenses, we have a financing solution for you.

Why choose VM Lending Solutions

Attractive Loan Rates;

Fast and efficient processing time - especially for cash secured personal...

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Home Improvement, 9.39%, NHT, Ownership - Victoria Mutual

Purchase/Home Improvement Loans

Regardless of the size or location, home ownership stands as a symbol of personal accomplishment and independence. Let us take you home. Take advantage of the benefits available at VMBS. Whether you are already a part of the VM Family or you are in the market for a mortgage loan, we have a...

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