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How Is a Secured Loan Different From an Unsecured Loan ...

How Is a Secured Loan Different From an Unsecured Loan?

by Leigh Anthony

When deciding on a loan, consider the differences between loans.

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About Personal Unsecured Lenders

When the need to borrow money arises, there are several choices to obtain the cash needed, including borrowing from family members, a cash advance on a credit card or a...

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Bank Loans |

Basic Advantages of Bank Loans

A bank loans money to a business based on the value of the business and its perceived ability to service the loan by making payments on time and in full. Banks do not take any ownership position in businesses. Bank personnel also do not get involved in any aspect of running a business to which a bank grants a loan. Once a business borrower has paid off a loan, there...

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What Is a Tax Impact of Writing off Bad Debt? |

When you make a loan, either personally or as part of your business, you expect to be repaid. However, not all loans turn out well. When debt goes bad, the Internal Revenue Service permits you to claim a deduction on your income taxes. Bad debt is treated differently depending on whether it comes from your trade or business or a personal debt.

Business Versus Non-Business Debts

Business debts...

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How to Create a Loan Amortization Table |

Calculating amortization tables will help a company track payments on a loan.

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How to Record a Loan to Your Business in Bookkeeping

When a small business takes out a loan, it will have to pay the loan back. The payments on the loan each month will be equal, however the amount of principal paid on the loan and the amount of interest paid on the loan will change with each payment. An amortization table shows how a payment breaks down to principal paid and interest paid. The amortization table will also keep...

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