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Bi-weekly Auto Loan Calculator – Car Payment Calculator

Auto Loan Calculator w/Bi-weekly Payments

Interactive web calculator that will show you how much your bi-weekly car payments will be and how much interest you will pay.

Enter the principal balance owed ($):

Enter the your car loan's current interest rate (%):

Enter the number of months (#):

Here is your bi-weekly payment amount:

This is how much interest you will pay:


Saving Money With...

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Car Payment Calculator

Car Payment Calculator

This calculator computes the monthly payment of an automobile loan. It automatically updates your monthly payment when you change any of the loan inputs.

Vehicle Price ($):

Tax Rate % (if in loan):

Interest Rate (%):

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Vehicle

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Vehicle

When an individual buys a car, they are typically buying the...

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Auto Lease Vs. Buy Calculator - Car Payment Calculator

Car ownership equals depreciation

Maintenance Costs

One major disadvantage to buying a vehicle is the owner is completely responsible for all maintenance costs for the vehicle. If the vehicle was purchased new, there will typically be a warranty that offers a decent amount of protection. Often, however, that warranty will not last as long as the loan on the vehicle. Also, in many cases,...

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