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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Bank Loan - Budgeting Money

If you're running short on cash or you need to borrow money for a major purchase, taking out a bank loan may be the answer. Bank loans generally offer flexible repayment terms and they're less expensive than payday or cash advance loans. On the other hand, borrowing money from a bank does have some drawbacks. Before you apply for a bank loan, it's helpful to consider all of the potential...

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What Is a Title Loan on a Mobile Home? - Budgeting Money

What Is a Title Loan on a Mobile Home?

by Ciaran John

Mobile home title loans are prohibited in some states.

Title loans are a short-term financing option that you may turn to if you find yourself strapped for cash. These loans are secured against personal property such as vehicles or mobile homes. Title loans are expensive and have high interest rates when compared with other types of financing....

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